Property Investors: What Are The Five Critical Questions To Ask In 2019?

Here are five key questions to ask – so you can be more successful with your property investing in 2019. These questions have come from observing and working with thousands of people and seeing what questions have worked best over time.

What do I want life for myself and my family to be like when I retire?

The clearer you are here, with a number (of passive income) and a timeframe – the easier it will be to monitor your success to achieve this.

How can I make property investing fun?

My most successful clients keep asking this question of themselves regularly because deep down life’s that little bit better when it’s fun. And fun activities usually get done before all the other to dos.

What am I going to do today to make this happen?

This question is huge because without it, most next property investment dreams are just that – a dream – and unfortunately never turn into reality.

What can I get my trusted advisors do for me today to make this happen?

If you don’t have the time or there are things that just aren’t fun for you, delegate, delegate, delegate – this way you can focus on the fun stuff or simply oversee the whole project. The trick here is not to let something that can be handled by others derail your success.

Does this deal feel right to me?

Trusting your gut over and above all of the property investing guru information out there is key. Remember, property investing is a micro market game – advice for one state, suburb, or even street – may not apply to the next street over.

So, to move forward with your property investing in 2019, asking yourself these questions and coming up with quality answers (that serve you) will greatly increase your chances of success this year and beyond.

My last piece of advice is to not leave this article without doing something right now to make your property investing happen. Who do you need to call? If they are asleep or the office is closed – then schedule to call them in your diary. Remember, it’s what you can get done right now and today, that will move you one step forward into turning your property dreams into reality!


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