Who is eligible for the Home Builder Grant?

Here is a quick summary of the eligibility criteria for the Homebuilders Grant• Need to sign a building contract by 31 Dec 2020• Must earn less than $125K a year as an individual or less than $200K as a couple• … Continue reading

Seeing What Others Don’t See

Recently I looked back over the past eight years of project managing developments at Plan Assist, and I realised that most of the highly profitable property developments had a common pattern. The most successful transactions are the ones that act … Continue reading

What are Council Codes?

Every property has a set of codes (rules) that determine what can be built on that site. Whether your site can house a 7 storey apartment block, or a 2 bedroom villa will vary widely from state to state, suburb … Continue reading

Top 10: Questions to ask your Project Manager

If embarking on a new development as a beginner or with experience under your belt, engaging a project manager to look after all the day to day tasks is a must. A good Project Manager will save you time and … Continue reading

Managing your Development: 7 Money Saving Tips

With any development project, the number one goal is to make a profit and one of the big stages of any project that can turn your profit into a loss, is the building stage. Below are our Top 7 Money Saving … Continue reading

What is a Section 149 Certificate?

By Christine Xegas A Section 149 certificate is a zoning certificate that is generated by the local council, which is specific to the property in question. It is based on the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) within the local council. It … Continue reading

What is a Basix Certificate?

By Christine Xegas A Basix Certificate (Building Sustainability Index) is generated by an accredited architect or Basix Consultant to ensure that your dwelling is energy and water efficient. It is required for most developments whether lodged through council or through … Continue reading

What is a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)?

By Christine Xegas We have been asked by a number of clients to explain the difference between a Complying Development Certificate and a Development Application. In a nutshell, a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is issued by a private certifier rather than … Continue reading

Value Add Strategy: Upper North Shore, Sydney

Vision: This project was developed by a consortium of investors who were looking for a Value Add Strategy, with the strategy to be completed within a 2-3 year time frame. Plan Assist Property Team provided our clients with a profitable … Continue reading

Who will manage your property project for you?

Ever dreamed of building your new home or investment property, yet you are so busy working hard at what you do best, you couldn’t possibly get the project off the ground. The process of self-building can be a resource-stretching time, … Continue reading