What Does Spring 2019 Mean For Property Investors?

It’s been an interesting 12 months, to say the least, for the property market. Previously, the market was being driven by the fear of missing out (FOMO), which saw it rise to record levels, and then the fear switched in … Continue reading

Land Tax Surprise On The Way For Many NSW Residents

The owners of around 2.5 million properties in NSW are set to receive their first property valuation assessments since 2016 for their residential and commercial properties. The challenge with the 2019 valuations is going to be centred around how it … Continue reading

Tallawong’s First Metro Station Housing Developer Announced

The last station on the north-west arm of the Sydney Metro, Tallawong Station is set to become a benchmark medium-density housing projects thanks to the NSW housing developer Landcom’s February master plan – designed to help a city manage an … Continue reading

Additional Framework Reported For Airbnb In NSW

It’s being reported that the New South Wales government is set to introduce a new regulatory framework around short-term rental accommodation (STRA) which would effect companies like Airbnb. Back in June, the government set  a 180-day rental cap for hosts … Continue reading

Why You Should Consider Investing Now In Winter Before Spring Heats Up

Being one step ahead of the swarm of property investors is the recipe for building above normal wealth. And as the seasons change, and our Plan Assist Property Team plan for another year, we are looking at ways to keep … Continue reading

The Ever-Changing Shape Of Sydney Households

Since 2000, the number of Australian households with three generations living together has been on the rise according to new research from the Australian Institute of Family Studies. In 2016 there was around 4 per cent of Australian households with … Continue reading

Sydney’s Flammable Cladding Needs Positive Action Now

The NSW government is yet to commit to a funding package to help owners replace flammable cladding across Sydney and NSW. On Thursday Australia’s building ministers agreed to pursue nationally consistent building standards in an attempt to resolve the current … Continue reading

Positive Signs For Property Investors With A Boost In Confidence And An Increase In Prices And Auction Rate Clearances In Parts Of Sydney

In a positive sign for property investors, Sydney’s inner west and the northern beaches recorded positive one per cent quarter-on-quarter growth according to the REA Group report. Although these were the only two regions in Sydney to record quarter-on-quarter growth, … Continue reading

Positive Signs From The Sydney And Melbourne Property Markets

Both Sydney and Melbourne have recorded positive gains in price growth for the first time since the market peak in 2017. Melbourne property values grew by 0.2 per cent and Sydney market grew by 0.1 per cent over the month … Continue reading

Good News For Property Investors As Western Sydney Receives A Large Slice Of The Record-Breaking 93 Billion State Budget

One of the fastest growing areas for property investors in New South Wales is Western Sydney, which is home to over a third of the state’s population. The Greater Western Sydney area has received a large slice of the record-breaking … Continue reading