Your Plan Assist Project Manager will orchestrate the processes for you and keep you up to date along the way.

Project Management


From Designs and Approvals to Tendering and Construction Management, your Project Manager will orchestrate the processes for you and keep you up to date along the way.

Your Plan Assist Project Manager will orchestrate all aspects from applications and approvals to the daily processes of your development with a strong commitment to achieving completion, on time and within budget. We take you through the different stages and processes which can include:

  • Council and Private Certifier Approvals
  • Designs and architectural aspects
  • Liaise with consultants and engineers
  • Tendering and Contract Signing
  • Construction Administration and Management
  • Subdivisions
  • Development Reports

Plan Assist Project Managers have the experience to decipher council zonings, codes and regulations to assist you in achieving approvals for your development.



There are so many considerations that go into the design process of your project and they are unique to you, your lifestyle and your objectives.

Your experienced Plan Assist Project Manager is able to assist you by providing design input, backed by knowledge of the site constraints and highlighting any opportunities for further potential, to ensure you make the best use of your site. Your Project Manager also has access to a strong, trusted network of reliable consultants to assist in providing technical expertise where required.

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Your Plan Assist Project Manager will manage the entire approvals process for you, using their knowledge of the process to determine whether your applications are best made by a development application or a Complying Development. They will arrange:

  • Development Applications
  • Complying Development Certificate Applications
  • Section 149 & Basix Certificates
  • Coordinate all documentation ready for Construction
  • Liaise with all consultant necessary to the process including Architects, Engineers (Hydraulic, stormwater etc)


Build Process

Your Plan Assist Project Manager can take the stress out of your build project by orchestrating the daily processes, tradesman, paperwork and payments for you, while keeping you up to date along the way.

In managing the build process for you, your Project Manager will:

  • Orchestrate the day to day process of your build, managing your builder throughout the construction stages and reducing any potential variations.
  • Coordinate the trades that are not managed by the builder of your project.
  • Manage the progress claims and other elements of the contract.

5. ProjectManagement-BuildProcess


“The amount of detail that Plan Assist supplied the builders with, ensured there were no nasty surprises for us or them. They also negotiated with the builder in our best interest, and kept them focused and on track throughout the renovations.”

Peter, NSW 

“I could not be happier with the work that the Plan Assist team recently carried out for me. The renovation of our home was an incredible experience from start to finish. From project management to build the work was exceptional. I would highly recommend using the Plan Assist team thinking about building or renovating. Don’t waste your time looking anywhere else.”

Caroyln, NSW

“Plan Assist most importantly helped us through the entire process of lodging a Development Application (DA) from start to finish with the local council.  Plan Assist are the experts in dealing with council forms and personnel, as well as environmental impacts.”

Dean, NSW

“Their service to us included concept development, architectural drawings, building plans, landscape plans, tendering and project management – through to practical completion. Overall we believe we saved thousands of dollars by using Plan Assist.  They gave us great service and importantly, our project manager was always contactable or got back to us quickly when needed. We would recommend Plan Assist to anyone wanting design and project management assistance to renovate and modernize their home. ”

Libby, NSW



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