Are you finding it challenging to find properties that meet your criteria and suit your investment strategy?

Buyer’s Agency


Are you finding it challenging to find properties that meet your criteria and suit your investment strategy?

Working with a Plan Assist Buyer’s Agent, you will have an unbiased source of real time market knowledge searching for the right property to suit your budget, your strategy and to your specifications. As well as utilising our extensive experience in sourcing your property, you will spare yourself the time and stress as we:

  • Conduct property market research for you based on your market of interest.
  • Attend open homes to assess the condition and suitability of potential properties on your behalf, leaving your weekends free!
  • Research council codes for compliant zonings to ensure your hopes for the property’s development potential are possible be it through Value-Add, renovation, development or future land division.
  • Draw from a range of premium data sources and present you will a full briefing so you can make informed investment decisions.
  • Liaise on your behalf with real estate agents and conveyances, negotiating the best possible price and terms for your purchase.

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 Before you enter into a property transaction, it’s important to thoroughly research your market and assess the likelihood of success, with your investment strategy first and foremost in mind. We can conduct valuable research for you and provide due diligence, with an unbiased, realistic approach to all aspects of your investment. This includes:

  • Researching council codes for compliant zonings to suit your short and long term goals for the property.
  • Conducting feasibility studies, based on industry tested benchmarks and assumptions.
  • Assessing the terms of your purchase to maximise your profit.
  • Identifying the variables that are most likely to affect your profitability.


Property Acquisition

After conducting all vital research needed for your property acquisition, your experienced Buyer’s Agent will work for you in all elements of the Property Acquisition process. With specialised and focussed knowledge of prime investment markets, your Buyer’s Agent has a valuable network of real estate agents who often bring properties to Plan Assist before they present them to the market.

The Plan Assist Property Acquisition Service includes:

  • A comprehensive briefing session with your Buyer’s Agent that looks at your preferences for the property’s potential in the short and long term as well as your specific preferences.
  • Researching via real estate networks for upcoming, unlisted properties that suit your criteria.
  • Research via online listing sites and publications for listed properties.
  • Researching comparable sales and sales history of the propery.
  • Attending open house inspections on your behalf.
  • Presenting you with a Property Summary for any suitable properties including suburb statistics, photographs and details.
  • Regular and consistent updates on the progress of your search.

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The price that you pay for a property really comes down to your ability to negotiate with the agent.

You can be confident that the best price and terms will be negotiated on your behalf, when you have a Plan Assist Buyer’s Agent representing you in your Property Acquisition. They understand the creative techniques that can be used to your advantage such as extended settlements, contract changes and option fee arrangements. They’re experienced with the tactics used by agents in this current market and counter the ‘sales talk’ with professional negotiation strategies.


Auction Bidding

Most people find the concept of bidding at auction, incredibly intimidating and rely on Google to learn all the tips, that then fly out the window ‘in the heat of the moment’.

As well as taking the stress out of purchasing your property at auction, your Plan Assist Buyer’s Agent can save you money as they understand the tactics employed by an auctioneer on auction day and know the strategies to overcome them with confident, professional bidding. By appointing an Agent as your representative at auction, you also eliminate the temptation to overbid based on emotion, the desire to ‘win’ or the frenzy of the experience.

You will benefit from having a representative bid on their behalf, if:

  • You are not confident with the auction process or setting.
  • You wish to remain anonymous.
  • You are a high profile member of the community or public figure.
  • You are concerned with selling agents having access to the register.

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 “I am a Property Advisor myself but have a focus on residential purchases, so I enlisted the Plan Assist team to help me with sourcing and purchasing my first commercial investment property. Harry found me a property that met all my strict criteria within a few weeks and within the next two weeks had it negotiated on and secured.

I consider myself fairly knowledgeable and adept at negotiating, but when I did my homework the selling agent was adamant that I’d be lucky to get $1000 off the asking price. Harry came back to me in a few days and had negotiated almost $30 000 of the asking price; securing the property with an 8% net yield! The whole process has been a great one thanks to Harry’s experience, and Anton’s cool, calm and professional nature in organising my finance. I’d go back to these guys every time!”

Dan, NSW

“We have great pleasure in recommending Harry and his team of experts at Plan Assist to anyone who wants a Buyer’s Agent to assist them with their property purchase. From day one Harry sat down with us and went through the various options on the purchase of property and provided us with valuable knowledge on the Sydney market. After reviewing quite a few property options over the past 3 months and changing our parameters, we have now acquired our investment property and it is everything we were hoping for. In the next 12 months we hope to add a Garden Apartment to be constructed by the Plan Assist Constructions team, which will give us a positively geared property. Thanks Harry and the team at Plan Assist!”

Ross, NSW