How To Set Yourself Up For Property Investing Success In 2018 – Part 2 of 4

In this second part of this four-part series, it’s time to start thinking about your Property Investing Grand Plan. But before we begin, if you’ve missed step one, then head over to our website and make a start with part 1. For those of you who have completed part 1, here is your next part on how to be successful in 2018.

Part 2: Identifying Your Property Investing Grand Plan

Planning 2018 Plan Assist

Having completed part one, and looked back at all the things you did and didn’t do over the past 12 months, it’s time to create your Property Investing Grand Plan for the next 12 months.

Before you do any planning, you need to be aware of and ideally be able to manage your state. What I mean by this is, the most successful athletes manage their state because they are able to keep a positive mental outlook and open mind, even when things aren’t necessarily going their way. And by doing this, they are more able to turn a potentially losing result around, and end up on top in some way.

It’s the same for property investing. You need to be able to manage your state throughout the whole journey, and it’s especially important when you are doing any future planning.

So on your next Date Night, it’s time to open up your notebook and your property investing opportunities, and with a positive mindset start writing down all the things you want to achieve with and through your property investing.

Dedicate the next 10 to 30 minutes and write, write, write (without editing – we’ll do that later) about all the things you want to achieve with your property investing and what that will mean for yourself, your family and those people you care about.

Time to get everything out of your head and down onto your note book.

If you are flying solo, you are done!

If you have a partner, then it’s time to share and over the next seven days align yourselves so you are on the same property investing page.

The next week, you will review your plans and put some structure around how you are going to turn your Grand Plans into reality.

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