How To Set Yourself Up For Property Investing Success In 2018 – Part 1 of 4

I am often asked how to become a successful property investor. One of the key elements I see with our successful clients is that they have a plan, they find a way to stick to their plan, and by the end of the year they have achieved some, most, or all of their property investing goals for that year. The following year they repeat the process for sustained success

So with this in mind, the team asked me to share this guide with you, as a Christmas gift and a starting point for you – to set yourself up for property investing success for the next 12 months. It’s a four-part guide that you complete over dinner each week. We have found that Monday nights work best because most people don’t have regular commitments on a Monday night. But whatever night works best is you is fine, just make sure you stick to it over the next four weeks.

Part 1: Review: How was the past 12 months for you?

The million-dollar question is how did you go these past 12 months with your property investing plans, hopes and dreams? Now is a great time to take a moment and to reflect on what you achieved with your property investing these past 12 months; while also identifying those things that you haven’t gotten to as yet.

So how do you do this?

Let’s assume you set aside Monday nights to do this over the next four weeks. So Monday night is going to be your Property Investing ‘Date Night’ with either yourself if you are a solo investor, or with your property investing partner. Either way, it’s time to book yourself in for dinner at your favourite local restaurant, and if you have kids, book the sitter.

On your first date night you will need to bring along something to write in, like a new notebook. One for each person. The next step is to begin writing down all the things you achieved in 2017 with your property investing. Capture everything, your big and small achievements and you are half way there.

Once you have exhausted that list, the next step is to write down all the things you had planned to do, that you haven’t gotten done as yet.

The final step is to read over and share your successes for the past year and celebrate your successes big and small. And with that, part one is done! Be sure to enjoy the rest of your evening and the following week, we’ll get to work on your Property Investing Grand Plan!

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