Who will manage your property project for you?

Ever dreamed of building your new home or investment property, yet you are so busy working hard at what you do best, you couldn’t possibly get the project off the ground.
The process of self-building can be a resource-stretching time, and you may not have the luxury of being on site when required during the day. These self-builders generally appoint a ‘Main Contractor’ or ‘Project Manager’ with responsibility for making the day-to-day decisions and keeping the project on-track. These can be self-build package companies, architects, project managers, quantity surveyors or builders, and can bring a wealth of experience.
• Advantages:
o Offers you the space to continue in full-time employment or with your day-to-day dedications;
o Less stress;
o Fewer known issues (your project manager can solve these);
o You can stick to the ‘bigger’ decisions;
o Improved knowledge on-site;
o Project managers can offer experienced support to you;
o If instructed to, your Project Manager will ensure your compliance with Building Regs, Planning, Building Control, Health & Safety and your legal requirements as a construction client.
• Disadvantages:
o Project managers can charge around 7-15% of build cost depending on the responsibility you give them, this increases the build cost and therefore reduces your profit.
o Not so involved in the day-to-day decisions, and will have to accept that your project manager will make decisions on your behalf.
o Project managers will not, generally, ‘cut corners’ on health and safety, which can increase costs.

You will need to decide whether or not your experience, ability, resources and lifestyle suit your property project.

Would you employ you for the required tasks?

Once you have identified what suits the project, we recommend engaging the appropriate ‘project partners’ (i.e. the key players in the project; e.g. timber frame company, architect, groundworkers, project managers etc) around you from as early as you can. This will give you a support team that offers lots of knowledge, saves you thousands, and helps you to get your project going!