How To Profit From The Missing Middle – A Blacktown Case Study

Around 18 months ago I did a private training webinar outlining various ways you can profit from property investing. One of the strategies I explained included a Blacktown case study where our clients profited from a medium density Missing Middle affordable housing strategy.

Given the NSW government is about to introduce a new housing code that will make it easier and more affordable for gaining approvals for medium density housing developments, I have decided to share this information once again to highlight this recent and unique opportunity for property investors and home owners sitting on large blocks across the Sydney market.

The new medium density housing code comes into effect on July 6th 2018 and is being launched along with a medium density design guide. The goal of the NSW government is to increase medium density housing from the current level of 10% across Sydney.

The new code that’s being introduced will only apply to suburbs and areas where medium density developments are already permitted by local councils.

If you are looking to profit from a medium density housing development, or you are a home owner sitting on a large block and wondering how you can profit from this new code and potentially fast track your retirement, then be sure to contact the team at Plan Assist.

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