Hi all and welcome to our April newsletter!




Hi all and welcome to our April newsletter!

It’s been about 8 weeks since our last newsletter and in that time, as a lot of you already know, I have had two eye operations which has slowed me down a little (just a little) and thank you to all of you for your well wishes.  What was very evident during that time was how valuable it is to have such a great team around me.  Whilst I may have been out of action, our property sourcing team were very busy assisting our clients and during that time they helped clients secure some exciting properties, which are now on their way to being developed.

Following on from our previous newsletter, many of you have been in contact with us and have either re-financed or are on the way to securing better finance packages. With extra equity available, many of you were prepared for the next step which is to secure properties that have great development potential, or just adding a granny flat or renovation. And to make sure the numbers stack up, you need a reliable builder. Look no further…

Introducing Plan Assist Constructions

I am very excited to tell you about our latest offering at Plan Assist – Plan Assist Constructions. Due to the overwhelming demand and dealing closely with so many external builders for years, we thought it was time to offer another in-house service to our clients, a full builder service from start to finish. If you are seeking a reliable builder who understands your situation, for any type of project from full construction to renovations, our team can coordinate and complete a great job at the right price.  We have had a very close relationship with our licensed builder, Daniel Arciuli, for quite a number of years now, and Daniel joins the team with over 15 years experience in getting the job done on time and on budget.

Daniel has been the construction manager for a number of our projects, including our recent Turramurra project.  Here are some pictures from three other sites that he has also been involved with over the last 10 years.

Turramurra Dual Occupancy
Completed 2009
Turramurra Dual Occupancy Project

Wahroonga Extension and Renovation
Randolf Street
1390-1396 Pacific Hway (our office), Turramurra Renovation Before & After

Helen and I were also involved in a Joint Venture in Wahroonga with Daniel in 2004.

We welcome all construction jobs big and small, so if you would like to discuss with me the construction of your next project please phone me on 1300 039 801, or email me at harry@planassist.com.au.

More Live Training Sessions

In our last newsletter we mentioned we will be holding a series of educational Live Property Training Sessions & Webinars in 2012.  The Queensland ProfitsToShare training and dinner in February was a great success.  Everyone commented that they learnt a lot on the night and these are always fantastic opportunities to meet with like-minded people.  All of the clients really enjoyed my tips on 3 ways to profit in today’s market, and well done to those of you who have already implemented the strategies and started to reap the benefits.  I’m heading down to Victoria on the 18th of April, where I will meet with our Victorian ProfitsToShare clients, which will be another great night.

Our next ProfitsToShare training will be concentrating on commercial property.  I will be focussing on ways to add value and manufacture growth in commercial properties and the strategy will lay out the steps to buy wholesale, add value and then hold the property with increased equity and a great cash flow.

The Webinar will be in May and an invite will be coming out shortly to our ProfitsToShare clients.

Real Estate Success within our Team

Some of you have met Sarah Verheyen who works at Plan Assist organising training events and assisting with marketing.  Sarah came along to our ProfitsToShare training in December to meet our clients, and whilst she was working on the night Sarah took a lot away from the event.  I’m excited to hear that Sarah settled on a property last week which she will be building a granny flat in the backyard, and will also be adding value by way of a small renovation to add a 3rd bedroom to the existing house. This will increase the rent to make the property positive by around $3000 per annum.

Congratulations Sarah!!

A Great Experience by one of our Clients

My colleague Anton Hamer has received a great testimonial which I wanted to share with you.  The words that our client has used, describes Anton in a way that makes me proud to be working so closely with him.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Harry C


Client: Susie & Hector
When did you first become a client?
In January 2011 Susie and I had a great living experience where we had the opportunity to share a few days with Harry. Since then, we felt the connection was right.  And as things started to fall into place, it was in April 2011 when we decided to become members and start having some discussions with Plan Assist. A few months went by and on the 13th of July we commenced to receive Anton’s direct personal financial advice.What is your feeling of Plan Assist from an overall point of view?
We found ourselves relaxed and feel very comfortable in dealing with both of you.  Susie and I believe that if you want to have the right advice, if you want to succeed and to be supported you definitely need to be involved and connected with the right people; people who have great qualities. Anton and Harry at Plan Assist certainly provide a fantastic service and they are a great complement to each other.  They are down to earth and easy to be understood.  This is simply how we feel.Describe a particular experience with us that made you very happy
Anton all the experiences Susie and I had with you to date have been absolutely amazing; your dedication, advice and commitment had made an enormous difference. We would really like to express to you our most sincere gratitude for your unconditional support. For Susie and me, your level of professionalism coupled with your amazing human qualities has made a huge distinction in the entire process of obtaining the right loan.
Anton, a particular experience that really made me happy was when you offered me to go and picked me up from the hotel the day when I came to see you in Sydney. It was a gesture that certainly touched me very deeply.  You showed me how much you care for your clients, a sincere sign of kindness but above all you showed me you are such a nice person.  I would like to tell you that this experience will always rest with me for the rest of my life. You made the difference in everything you have done for us and it will be our great pleasure to unconditionally recommend you to anybody.Describe the one or two benefits you have received from Plan Assist that you value the most. Please be specific, and tell us how these benefits improved your life
Anton, you have been very thorough with your work right from the beginning. One of the benefits that Susie and I value the most was the fact that you got the right loan for us, one that would suffice our needs and also that would be flexible enough to provide us with the best benefits in the long term. Another benefit we received is your complete support, which also translated into recommendations which we really appreciate very much as they were absolutely crucial at the time when we had to make some critical decisions in regards to how we would get things structured.

Your Next Step:
To learn more about ProfitsToShare go towww.profitstoshare.com.au or phone 1300 039 801.