Hi! It’s Harry here, and welcome to our June newsletter!

Hi! It’s Harry here, and welcome to our June newsletter!

The weather is cooling down but things are definitely not cooling down in the property market, or within Plan Assist. As most of you know I like to keep things moving and the last two months have not been disappointing in the slightest. At home with two growing teenagers there is always something going on, and my family joined me on our recent trip to Melbourne where we had our Training & Dinner event with our Victorian ProfitsToShare clients. It was a great week where we got to enjoy the sites of Melbourne, mingling with the stars on the red carpet at the Logies, along with catching up with clients and friends, and having a small break too.

Since our last newsletter our Buyers Agent & Construction segments within Plan Assist have been very busy, with many clients seeing the benefits of purchasing a property that can be held positively geared, adding dollars to your monthly cash flow, whilst still gaining capital growth in areas that we extensively research. These are exciting times, and with this we have had the opportunity to grow our team…

Introducing our New Team Members

It’s with great delight that I introduce three new members to our Plan Assist team.

Cerys Moore
Cerys has joined Plan Assist as our Executive Assistant and Receptionist. Cerys will be assisting both Natalie in Accounts and Anton in Loan Administration, so already is very busy. Cerys is originally from England so look forward to her lovely accent next time you ring our office. Cerys loves property and in particular residential houses, which is great when our team members share the same passion as our clients.

Shane Bowen
Shane is joining us to assist our team with IT, and has a lot of technical experience, and also has a large interest in the creative side of AV, which will add a lot of value to our Webinars andYouTube Video Tutorials. Shane is from Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast, which gives us a good opportunity for a lot of fun during this State or Origin season.

Simone Holt
Simone has joined the team as the Relationship Manager for our Profits to Share members as well as my Executive Assistant, which will help to keep me on track and provide better support for our clients and associates. Simone has worked in Leadership positions for a number of years, as well as having a lot of business experience working in both her own businesses, and running large projects in corporations. Simone has also recently moved from Queensland (with her partner Shane and their baby Elkara affectionately known by me as Mr. Smooth – you will know why when you meet him). I look forward to Simone assisting to streamline some processes and her suggestions will be well valued.

I’m sure that most of you will have the opportunity to speak to Cerys, Shane & Simone (and Mr. Smooth) in the future, and they all look forward to being part of the Plan Assist family.

Harry Featuring in Current API Magazine

I’ve received a couple of emails from you about the recent interview that I did with Australian Property Investor Magazine, which is in the current June issue. Thank you for your positive feedback. It is very humbling to be featured in such a well known magazine. My journey has been a great one, with a lot of support from those around me along the way. If you would like to read the article you can click here.

“Harry Charalambous is using joint venture projects to create bigger pies, not smaller slices.

Since he was profiled in Australian Property Investor almost four years ago, Hary Charalambous’ strategies have changed slightly, but his enthusiasm for property is still the same.

When he first appeared in API in August 2008, the Sydney-sider had bought and sold a staggering $23 million worth of property and started becoming involved in joint ventures. These days, he almost always does joint venture projects, or what’s known as ‘property options’, preferring to spread the risk and create ‘manufactured equity’ when capital growth runs out of puff. In Harry’s words, it’s a way of creating a bigger pie, rather than selling a smaller slice.” 

[Click here to read the full article – PDF]

Upcoming ProfitsToShare Training Event

Our next ProfitsToShare Webinar will be expanding on our current Newsletter Tutorials on Commercial Property. I will be giving you more real life examples and education on Buying Commercial Property, Adding Value & Holding with Great Cash Flow. The Webinar is on Wednesday, 6 June at 6.30pm. Our ProfitsToShare members can email freedom@profitstoshare.com.au for registration information.

Real Estate Success within our Team

I love sharing the successes within our team. It is really great to be working closely with people who share the same passion as I do. Christine Xegas is our Project Manager, and over the past two years Christine has put in many offers on properties for a “Rent to Buy” strategy. Christine has had a recent success with an offer being accepted on a property. This strategy that Christine is using is where she has offered to rent the property for a contracted period, similar to a normal residential tenancy agreement, however at the end of the term there is a purchase price on the property that has been agreed now. During the “rental” period Christine has negotiated into the contract that she can carry out renovation works on the property, and at the end of the term she can make a profit on the difference between the agreed purchase price, and the new value of the property after the renovation works have been carried out. There are many positives to this strategy, one being it is a great way to enter the property market with no deposit, no need to get a bank loan and live in a suburb that you want to live in that may have been out of your price range. Another advantage is that you can add considerably value to the property without a huge cash outlay and then borrow against its newly improved value.

Your Next Step:
For more information on our services go towww.planassist.com.au or phone 1300 039 801. 

Speak to you soon.

Harry C