Rail Line Case Study: How The New Mernda Rail Line In Melbourne’s North Boosted Land Prices

Fortunes were made across the wild west of the USA back in the 1800’s, as businesses like the Union Pacific Rail Road opened up the country by laying tracks, connecting existing towns and laying the infrastructure for new towns along … Continue reading

Victoria’s Economy Delivers Strong Gains Thanks to Increased Population, A Construction Boom And Lower Unemployment

The results are in and Victoria is expanding in numbers and large construction infrastructure projects, especially in Melbourne. Across the calender year for 2017, the Victoria’s economy expanded by 4.5 per cent (state final demand), which is almost double the … Continue reading

Which Sydney Region Is Where 90% Of People Own Their Own Home And What Does This Mean For Property Investors?

The Sutherland Shire in Sydney’s south is fast becoming Sydney’s most accessible region, a new study has revealed. This region is where you’ll find most residents own their own homes, with 14 suburbs recording more than 90 percent of households … Continue reading

Developers Buy Up Large Industrial Land Sites Across Melbourne’s Western Suburbs To Build New Mega Medium Density Housing Communities

The secret is apparently out across Melbourne’s western suburbs as developers continue to snap up large tracks of rezoned industrial land to build new medium density housing communities to cater for the ever-expanding middle class to help ease Melbourne’s current … Continue reading

More Western Sydney Infrastructure Development Projects Announced

What was traditionally a last stop for Sydneysiders on their way up to the Blue Mountains, Penrith with it’s median house price of $650,000, and located 20 km from the Badgerys Creek airport and 60 km from the Sydney CBD, … Continue reading

A Western Sydney Budget 2018-19 Overview For Property Investors

We know that when a government undertakes large infrastructure projects and upgrades, generally property prices increase over time due to the increased desirability of the region; thanks to better roads and public transport, hospitals, increased job opportunities, better schools, parks … Continue reading

NSW Government Announces New 180-Night Rental Cap In An Airbnb Crackdown

There is now a 180-day rental cap for hosts who don’t live at the property in the greater Sydney area, while the rest of the state will be allowed 365 days, and the NSW government will also give strata corporations … Continue reading

How To Profit From The Missing Middle – A Blacktown Case Study

Around 18 months ago I did a private training webinar outlining various ways you can profit from property investing. One of the strategies I explained included a Blacktown case study where our clients profited from a medium density Missing Middle … Continue reading

Have You Missed The Boat On The Missing Middle? Have All Of The Best Missing Middle Development Sites Already Been Snapped Up By Developers?

Property investors, homeowners and developers will very soon be able to access a faster and cheaper process of converting larger blocks in Sydney into terraces and other medium density housing. Called the Missing Middle, it is a new Low Rise … Continue reading

The NSW State Government’s New Medium Density Housing Code Changes – “The Missing Middle” – Is Set To Bring Sweeping Opportunities For Property Investors Across NSW

On the 6th July the NSW State Government is making new code changes state wide to streamline the development of more medium density housing. The code changes are contained in the Government’s new Medium Density Housing Code, with the concept being called … Continue reading