Where is the money in property?

Ever wwhyondered where the money is in property?  Are you seeking the money, or is it seeking you?

It’s a simple question with a simple answer. There are many ways to  make money from property, and it all depends on why you are investing.

Renovations, Development, Subdivisions, Positive cashflow, depreciation strategies and tax deductions are all great ways to create wealth through property. And if you know WHY you are investing, the strategy will follow you, rather than you follow the strategy.

The WHY is your compass, it’s what you move towards, so rather than talk strategy, let’s focus on the WHY.

Why are you buying property?  Most people invest in property to create wealth. And in most cases, they want to create wealth to benefit their family. You may have the goal of buying a property for each child you have, giving them a kickstart in life. You may have personal goals that fill a dream or a vision of owning something one day.

I remember my parents encouraged me from an early age, and at the age of 18, I bought my first investment property. That was a quite a few years ago and some 45 or more properties later, I am still encouraged to develop property and grow wealth for my family, for my kids, my wife and our whole family’s prosperity.

Other people may have just as important goals. It may be financial freedom and quitting their current job, or it may be creating an income to let them travel, live with freedom and receive passive income.

Whatever the situation, the clearer your life’s vision and the louder the inner voice inside, the greater the achievement to reach your inner “WHY”.

When I get up at 5am most mornings, it’s my mind and thoughts getting me up to follow my life’s passion, and I love to play property all day. I simply can’t get enough of property – it’s a passion, and just like you, I follow my passion to achieve my “WHY”.

Once you have found that WHY in your life, the rest follows. From my experience, all the
tactics, who you meet, and the milestones in life will all fall into place.

Happy pursuing.

Harry C

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