What is a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)?

Permits-aquisition_pjct-mgmtBy Christine Xegas

We have been asked by a number of clients to explain the difference between a Complying Development Certificate and a Development Application. In a nutshell, a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is issued by a private certifier rather than your local council and is assessed against a state government code rather than your local council code.

It is much quicker to approve, as government legislation states that your private certifier must issue the CDC within 10 days of lodgement, assuming that all the correct documentation has been lodged with the application. For a list of certifiers in your area, contact us.

What is the correct documentation? The documentation you will need is dependent on what you are building but generally you will require floor plans and elevations, site plan, engineering plans, approval by your local water company, a Basix certificate, a drainage plan and an updated Section 149 Certificate from council. 

Why don’t I do a CDC for all my developments? Your site must comply with some set codes in order for you to be able to do a CDC, such as boundary set backs, minimum lot sizes and street frontages.  If you are contemplating a new development and think you may be able to do it as a CDC, contact Plan Assist for further information.

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Christine PicChristine Xegas is a Project Manager at Plan Assist. She orchestrates all aspects of our investor’s developments and has a strong commitment to achieving completion, within budget and on time. We take you through the different stages and processes which can include, site acquisition, development application, construction certificate, tender and contract signing, construction administration and management.


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