Tiny Home Sells For $56,000 In Melbourne Auction

In what’s believed to be the first auction of its type in Australia, a tiny house in Melbourne has sold at auction for $56,000. The brand new house attracted great interest in the weeks leading up to the auction, with more than 10,000 people inspecting and about 2000 people turning up on auction day, with many learning about the auction through social media.

The interest in the tiny house was widespread: including families, singles, investors, people looking for holiday homes and even some people looking for emergency housing options. A tiny house, which is built on wheels is becoming a low-cost living option for those happy with the minimalist lifestyle, a way to go off the grid or it’s simply an opportunity to take downsizing to a whole new level.

The bidding was brisk with three motivated buyers, and eventually the property went to a family who plan to put the tiny house on their property in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs, and use it privately for guests and extended family when they come to visit.

When you step inside, what looks like a rectangular box on wheels from the outside, the fully insulated tiny house opens up with a clever design to maximise the internal space, creating a light filled, comfortable (but small) six metres long living space that features a sofa bed, fully equipped kitchen, dining space and bathroom.

Once these homes are located in position there are upgrades that can be added such as fireplaces, spas and decks. Tiny homes typically measure somewhere between seven and 37 square metres and usually generate their own power.

The company behind the auction idea was set up at the start of the year as a secondary business from their family-owned construction business and now employs 14 carpenters and builders to meet the growing demand for tiny homes with an average 12 -week construction time.

And at a price tag of $56,000, this tiny house probably cost less than the value of the car required to tow it into position!

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