With Plan Assist Constructions, you’re building with a team of experienced professionals, that you can rely on and trust.



When you’re building you need to know you are not only working with someone experienced, but that they are someone you can rely on and trust. Plan Assist Constructions have an extensive knowledge in both the residential and commercial sector and can assist you with your upcoming building project.

Plan Assist Constructions are a full service, licensed building company specialising in new builds and construction projects that add value to your property; be it through renovations, additions and extensions or the construction of a Granny Flat (whether it be for a family member or a dual income investment strategy.

You can rest assured that Plan Assist Constructions have a strong stand on quality when it comes to the structural performance and finishes of your project. The Constructions team pride themselves on providing a friendly, personalised and hassle-free building experience from concept to completion and go out of their way to provide exceptional service.


New Homes

Plan Assist Constructions have extensive experience in developing new homes as well as knockdown, re-build projects. They understand that building your new home can often be a stressful time and reliable time frames are crucial to ensuring the process is seamless for you.

With an emphasis on quality and consistent communication, your Plan Assist Constructions team aim to make sure the process is as stress free as possible and want you to enjoy the process of building your new home.

Not only do we assist you with the build project itself but your dedicated Project Managers will assist you with your design process and gaining approvals for your home, as well as orchestrating the day to day processes of your project.

Renovations & Extensions

The Plan Assist Constructions team have an impressive portfolio of renovation and extension projects. The Plan Assist Projects team take the time to listen to your ideas and assist you in producing an impressive result for your project.

  • Extensive full home renovations
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Staircases
  • Windows, ceilings and walls
  • Roof Alterations
  • Decks, Pergolas, Patios
  • Structural Landscaping

Garden Apartments

Are you looking to construct a Granny Flat either for your use or as a dual-income investment property strategy? Plan Assist Garden Apartments are contemporary in design, spacious and affordable; often with landscaping, fencing and distinct entry to promote the feeling of it being a self-contained exclusive dwelling. They have been designed to maximise your rental income, as a secondary home on your property. We help you generate a passive income by building the Garden Apartment in the backyard of your property which gives you dual income and positive cash flow.

  • In-house Project Management to process approvals
  • In-house Buyer’s Agents to source a potential site if needed
  • In-house Mortgage Broker to arrange construction finance
  • Fixed-price contract


“If only all builds could be this simple. Plan Assist Constructions are a professional, friendly team that we would definitely recruit again. The process was absolutely painless and smooth from start to completion. They really are a team that know what they’re doing and work well together.”

Timothy, NSW

“Thank you to the Plan Assist Constructions team for making the possibilities become realities. I appreciated their flexibility, adaptability and thorough work. The finished product met all of my expectations and more. I cannot wait to work with Daniel and the team again.”

Vivienne, NSW



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