New Airbnb Short-Term Letting Laws Pass In NSW Government

The tough new laws for Airbnb announced recently have passed the NSW government. The new laws introduce a cap on the number of days a property can be let short term, a code of conduct and a two-strike policy.

“Our plan is a win-win. It acknowledges the huge financial contribution online booking platforms make to the NSW economy, but also takes a zero-tolerance approach to raucous guests,” Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Mr Kean said.

Included in the new changes in NSW are amendments to the Strata Schemes Management Act which will allow owner’s corporations to pass by-laws to ban short-term letting in their block.

The recently passed legislation also brought in a mandatory code of conduct, to come into effect next year, which will apply to Airbnb type platforms as well as letting agents, hosts and guests across NSW.

“Under our ‘two strikes and you’re out’ policy, hosts or guests who commit two serious breaches of the code within two years will be banned for five years, and be listed on an exclusion register,” Mr Kean said.

The legislation has been welcomed by Airbnb Australia’s country manager Sam McDonagh.

“The NSW government’s fair and balanced laws will protect people’s rights and support healthy tourism,” he said.

“We are committed to working collaboratively to implement these new laws,” he said.

New York City Council’s Airbnb Crack Down

In a recent crack down on Airbnb, New York mayor Bill de Blasio recently signed a new law requiring Airbnb to hand over detailed data on its users, with heavy fines imposed if it failed to do so.

Airbnb has taken the matter to court and is suing the city council to try and stop these new changes coming into effect early next year.

New York is one of Airbnb’s biggest markets and the move is likely to be seen around the world as a new benchmark way for governments to act more forcefully to regulate these types of sharing services.

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