Keep Calm and Invest In Real Estate

Is the property market going to crash?keep-calm-and-invest-in-real-estate

It’s a question that I get asked everyday by most of my property investor clients, and not just the novice buyers, but advanced investors too.

And if you find yourself hesitating with investment decisions, it’s today’s delay that could end up costing your family a lifetime of wealth.

Today is more important than ever to block out the small talk, ignore the sensational articles and the fear-mongering opinions of the real estate press.

I ask you: In 2011, did you see any articles about the East Coast Property Boom Ahead?
Did anyone predict east coast property to rise 75% in 5 years? Or have you ever seen an article saying “the market is stable, everything is fine and nothing to worry about”.
No. It doesn’t exist. Instead we receive sensational news about mining towns that must grow exponentially, pending financial crises, China’s bubble and so on.

The sad truth is that the extraordinary headlines sell, and unfortunately if we focus on it too much, it pulls us back from taking action, especially when considering whether or not to act on life-changing investments that build our family’s wealth.

I recently sat with a client who approached me in 2012 to buy an investment home in Greater Western Sydney. At the time, he read the online press about a crash in money markets around the world, and in particular the Euro crisis with Greece. My client had spent many years saving cash for a deposit and needed our assistance with finding and negotiating investment property with potential. And when it came to the crunch, he read the press and then hesitated from buying, and unfortunately that hesitation cost his family the 75% capital growth that resulted over the next 5 years. With a wife and two children relying on his job to provide their single family income, the family missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime to kickstart their wealth.

Whilst one investor hesitated, we have had many more become successful investors who took action, ignored the commentary and pursued their long term family wealth. They understand crises do happen around the world, they prepare enough safety margin and realise things do recover, cycles come and go, and long term family wealth starts with life changing actions, without hesitation.

The reason I share this story is to help you review your information sources, think about who you are listening to, and understand that free information on the internet is just that – not really worth anything. If it’s time for you to make large financial decisions, take the time to seek the experts that demonstrate the experience and success investing in real estate. Your family’s future wealth relies upon today’s decisive actions.

Harry C.

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