Webinar: 18th March, 2014

Your Invitation Tips, tricks, secrets… Call them what you will but one thing is for sure, experience trumps them all. In the current market many investors are prematurely purchasing investment properties without doing the thorough research that is necessary to … Continue reading

Investor Success Story: John and Susan

Welcome to this new year of opportunity to kick start your property investing journey and take the steps toward achieving your financial goals! We are often asked for examples of clients who we have helped in turning their goals into reality. For this reason we … Continue reading

Webinar: Let’s check in on your Property Strategy

Are we in a recession? Is the property market booming? Why is it that you can answer yes to both of these questions in the same market, at the same time? Register for our Complimentary Webinar ‘Property Investment Strategies to … Continue reading

ProfitsToShare Educates The Investor on How to Manufacture Growth

We have just been reading about the unpredictability of the property markets Australia wide. Whilst things look positive for Australia to not see the large decreases in property prices that other countries have suffered, sitting around waiting for our property … Continue reading

ProfitsToShare Introduction Webinar – Success and Winner!

Thank you to all of those who have joined us in ProfitsToShare, and a big welcome to you. Our Introduction Webinar was a great success and we are really thrilled to have new members on board! We had a lucky … Continue reading

STOP PRESS!! How can your life totally change in less than a week?

Remember a moment when you got that one piece of information that totally changed your perspective on something and gave you such clarity? Can you recall such a time? No matter if you can or cannot, this piece of information … Continue reading

Selling Your Home During the Holidays

If you ask a real estate agent, “Should I keep my home on the market over the holidays?” an agent will tell you, “Yes, absolutely, because then you know buyers are serious.” You know what I think about that? I’ll … Continue reading