Out With The New And In With The Older Styled Apartments Across Sydney

In a not so surprising twist, older style low rise apartments across Sydney are currently the preferred choice for apartment buyers and investors in the wake of the cracking issues with the Opal and Mascot Towers. Last Christmas Eve, the … Continue reading

Which Homeowners And Investors Are Set To Profit From The New Sydney Metro West Stations?

It’s ‘game on’ in and around the proposed Sydney Metro West stations as investors and developers zero in on property in the area. As you would expect with such a large $20 billion project, there are going to be some … Continue reading

Sydney And Melbourne House Prices Are Set To Rebound Much Faster Than First Thought With Double Digit Growth Forecast

Combining record low interest rates, income tax reductions, a more positive economy outlook with the Reserve Bank predicting the economy to recover in 2020, has ANZ Bank’s economists now believing house prices will be growing by more than 12 percent … Continue reading

Fresh Urban Farming Land Opportunity For Western Sydney Parklands

One of the benefits of living in the country or a regional area is the close proximity to freshly grown fruit and vegetables produced right on your doorstep. Living in a large city makes this almost impossible – except in … Continue reading

Sydney’s Clearance Rates Up As Giants Fall In Melbourne

With 939 auctions across Sydney last weekend, the biggest number for spring to date, there was a preliminary clearance rate of 79 per cent, which is expected to level out to around 73 per cent but this still means demand … Continue reading

Australia’s Alpine Ski Resort Property Continues It’s Uphill Rise

As the 2019 ski season winds down here in Australia with record crowds at some resorts, it’s no wonder demand for owing a piece of Alpine property continues to grow. With new skiers discovering the sport along with seasoned skiers … Continue reading

What Does Spring 2019 Mean For Property Investors?

It’s been an interesting 12 months, to say the least, for the property market. Previously, the market was being driven by the fear of missing out (FOMO), which saw it rise to record levels, and then the fear switched in … Continue reading

Land Tax Surprise On The Way For Many NSW Residents

The owners of around 2.5 million properties in NSW are set to receive their first property valuation assessments since 2016 for their residential and commercial properties. The challenge with the 2019 valuations is going to be centred around how it … Continue reading

Tallawong’s First Metro Station Housing Developer Announced

The last station on the north-west arm of the Sydney Metro, Tallawong Station is set to become a benchmark medium-density housing projects thanks to the NSW housing developer Landcom’s February master plan – designed to help a city manage an … Continue reading

Additional Framework Reported For Airbnb In NSW

It’s being reported that the New South Wales government is set to introduce a new regulatory framework around short-term rental accommodation (STRA) which would effect companies like Airbnb. Back in June, the government set  a 180-day rental cap for hosts … Continue reading