The Reserve Bank’s Latest Interest Rate Cut – What Does It Mean For Property Investors?

It’s no secret that the Reserve Bank’s cut to official interest rates is designed to help the property market continue to recover, as experts predict a bottoming out of the recent price falls. History was made last week when the … Continue reading

Aussie Billionaire Predicts Property Upswing

Property billionaire Con Makris has come out in support of the Australian property market, suggesting the risks of a further substantial slide have been removed with the certainty of the Scott Morrison Liberal government, and he has also predicted the … Continue reading

Rate Cuts, Tax Cuts And Easier Finance Are On The Way To Boost The Property Market

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What Will Winter Bring For The Sydney Property Market?

With the Federal Liberal Party returned to office for another term in a surprise election result, it’s now clear that Labor’s planned changes to negative gearing and the tax system had a negative effect on voters – as they rejected … Continue reading

Property Investors – Who Gives A … When It Comes To The Federal Election?

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Will Labor’s Promise To Change Negative Gearing And Capital Gains Tax Have An Effect On Your Vote At The Next Federal Election?

In recent years, housing affordability across Sydney has been a hotly debated political topic. It’s always hard to predict what is on the mind of voters and more importantly how they will vote, but with many Liberal-held seats across Sydney … Continue reading

Will A $3 Billion Fast Rail Network Federal Budget Promise ‘Save’ Geelong

In the recent Federal Budget Scott Morrison pledged to cut travel times from Geelong to Melbourne in half, with the announced pledge of $2 Billion dollars in cash towards a fast-train project. This amount he said was needed to be … Continue reading

Buyers Are Back In The Northern Beaches Snapping Up ‘Bargains’

Over forty units sold across the northern beaches last week in a return of confidence as we head into the next round of elections, this time at the federal level. Buyers were a mixture of downsizers in Manly, first-home buyers … Continue reading

Can The New NSW Government Deliver On Their Election Infrastructure Projects Promises?

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What does a NSW Liberal Government Mean For Property Investors?

This past weekend the Gladys Berejikian lead Liberal Party was returned to power for another term – but what does this mean for property investors? The Liberal Party went to the polls promising more of the same in terms of … Continue reading