Additional Framework Reported For Airbnb In NSW

It’s being reported that the New South Wales government is set to introduce a new regulatory framework around short-term rental accommodation (STRA) which would effect companies like Airbnb.

Back in June, the government set  a 180-day rental cap for hosts who don’t live at the property in the greater Sydney area, while the rest of the state was allowed 365 days.

The June reforms also included changes to strata legislation that give the owner’s corporations the power to pass bylaws banning STRA in their buildings, with a 75 percent majority, but not on properties which are owner-occupied. Strata committees will not have the power to prevent owner-occupiers from renting rooms within their units.

In a further move to gain back additional control over the industry, it’s been reported that the government is looking at introducing a regulatory framework that includes a mandatory code of conduct and a possible register of all STRA properties.

“The mandatory Code of Conduct will facilitate oversight of STRA providers, including providing for the resolution of complaints and disputes regarding the conduct of hosts and guests,” Kevin Anderson, minister for better regulation said.

The mandatory code would also ban hosts or guest who commit two serious breaches, meaning platforms will be unable to offer services to properties and people who are banned.

Say goodbye to having to put up with noisy STRA neighbours, as a strike will include any unreasonable behaviour that interferes with a neighbours’ quiet enjoyment of their home.

“Under the code, all participants will be required to act honestly and in good faith and comply with directions and requests from the commissioner for fair trading,” Anderson said.

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