Investors Are Searching For New Affordable Three-Bedroom Apartment Options

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More Sydney Homes Have Doubled Their Purchase Price – Up 11 Percent

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Walkability: The Foot Power That’s Influencing Property Buying Decisions

Renters and buyers are increasingly choosing homes based on their walkability, placing a premium on areas that provide walking distance access to infrastructure; like public transport, shops, restaurants, pubs, parks, bike paths and exercise areas. There is even a global … Continue reading

Wollongong Housing Market Booms As Sydneysiders Relocate For More Value

Wollongong has recorded the highest jump in home prices across Australia for the past 12 months, knocking off Sydney for the fastest growing house price title for the first time, according to new data released by CoreLogic. Cashed up Sydney buyers, … Continue reading

The Northern Rivers Region Of NSW Is Proving An Affordable Alternative To Heated City Prices.

What a difference a decade makes in the Australian housing market. Back then, more than half of all capital city houses and more than 60 per cent of all capital city units sold for under $400,000. Today, this type of … Continue reading

Time To Get Your Finance In Order Before The Spring Lending Season

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Is the high cost of downsizing for older Australians causing a glut of large homes being underutilised in Sydney and Melbourne?

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Rentvesting: The Latest Investment Strategy For Young Investors – Entering the Property Market Via The Backdoor

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High Sydney House Prices Are Pushing Up Prices In Regional New South Wales

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Bigger Is Better For Affluent Buyers In Sydney’s West

It stands to reason that given Sydney’s traditional affluent Double Bay-like suburbs median price have now hit more than $3 million, some cashed up buyers are choosing to head out into Sydney’s West for more space and extra features. As … Continue reading