Travellers and Overseas Buyers Name Manly As The Number 1 Australian Beach And Suburb

Having recently been named Australia’s top beach, and 16th in the world, in TripAdvisors 2018 Travellers’ Choice Awards, Manly was also recently identified as Australia’s top overseas destination for house hunters searching for a place in Australia to call home. … Continue reading

The New Western Sydney Airport – What Does It Mean For Property Investors?

The NSW Government is soon to release an interim plan that will outline the Government’s plan for delivering new jobs, homes, infrastructure and services in and around the new Western Sydney Airport. Once the interim plan is released, the next … Continue reading

Grow West – The NSW Government’s 20 Year Greater Parramatta Growth Plan

More jobs, improved infrastructure, and public transport and greater housing choice are the key pillars of the New South Wales Government’s interim growth plan for the greater Parramatta area. The Government’s interim plan, called the Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation … Continue reading

How Modern Granny Flats Are Increasing Rental Returns Across NSW

Since the NSW State Government relaxed the granny flat legislation allowing for granny flats to be built on blocks larger than 450sq m, investors have continued to build them due to increasing granny flat demand and, and in some cases, … Continue reading

2018 Property Outlook: Slow And Steady Prices And Then Growth Recovery

One of the questions I get asked a lot is about the current state of the housing market and it’s outlook. If you go online and start researching this topic, there are all kinds of articles suggesting all kinds of … Continue reading

Smart Parents Push Up Prices In High Performing Government School Catchment Areas Across NSW

Property prices are increasing in high performing government school districts pockets across NSW, as smart parents scramble to ensure they give their children the best possible education, with local agents suggesting the current gains are as much as 10 per … Continue reading

New South Wales Property Report Card For 2017

It was a mixed bag of results for New South Wales property in 2017. Prices continued their unprecedented run through the March quarter and then the overall market performance splintered across the Sydney region with some areas continuing to do … Continue reading

How To Set Yourself Up For Property Investing Success In 2018 – Part 4 of 4

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How To Set Yourself Up For Property Investing Success In 2018 – Part 3 of 4

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How To Set Yourself Up For Property Investing Success In 2018 – Part 2 of 4

In this second part of this four-part series, it’s time to start thinking about your Property Investing Grand Plan. But before we begin, if you’ve missed step one, then head over to our website and make a start with … Continue reading